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Every patient is unique and every case is a challenge in itself. The purpose of the website is to describe the various surgeries performed on patients with malformations or plastic and aesthetic aspires. In the explanatory sections, we aim to give an overview of the results achieved, with photos of real cases converted into illustrations to suit all kind of users and readers. 

"La bellezza è creazione, è provocazione, è sogno: per l'Umanità è un lusso necessario"
Ivo Pitanguy

Dr. Chadi Murr / Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery / Official Website 

Courses & Conferences

Attending seminars and courses worldwide to constantly keep pace with the latest technologies, changes and innovations in the various fields of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Around the World

A photo gallery with captures of life and professional experiences during the residency years and medical practice.


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Aesthetic surgery improves the appearence of a physical feature creating a combination of interior and exterior confidence.
Reconstructive surgery rebuilds damaged or lost body areas as result of accidents, burns, breast cancer etc…



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