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As plastic surgeons, we are more likely to encounter patients with unrealistic expectations. 

These unrealistic expectations probably stem from the fact that these patients undergo aesthetic surgery.

As a patient, you can follow the below tips to walk into your doctor’s office with reasonable expectations.

Rhinoplasty or “nose-job”:

Unrealistic expectation: coming to the surgeon with a picture to mold on to your face.

Realistic expectation: as a patient you should recognize the fact that neither is your surgeon a magician, nor is he able to predict the exact outcome. The results of the operation depend on many factors such as the thickness of the skin. For example, in the Middle East, we usually have thick skin, and we cannot expect to have a European nose after surgery.


Unrealistic expectation: leaving the hospital with the plan of starting gym the following week.

Realistic expectation: after rhinoplasty, you cannot return to the gym straight away, it takes a minimum of one month for the healing process to progress enough for you to resume your usual physical activity. You should keep in mind that exercise intensity should be slowly increased and not started at full capacity.


Unrealistic expectation: having a flight scheduled the day after your surgery.

Realistic expectation: it is not advised to travel for at least seven days after your operation. During this first week, the risk of bleeding is high. In addition, your surgeon will want to follow up with you during this time.


Unrealistic expectation: planning to show off your new nose a month after the surgery.

Realistic expectation: the final aesthetic result cannot be seen until at least six months post-surgery. This is because of the swelling that will not subside until this time. Some patients can even take up to one year to see the final result.