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Sport after Liposuction?

Sport after Liposuction?

Can I work out after liposculpture?

The best way to maintain and improve the results obtained from a liposuction surgery is physical activity that keeps your metabolism high and tones tissues. A girl about 30 years old, in good health, which is subjected to liposuction will have to train about 1 hour three times a week: you start with cardio to warm up your body and burn calories, then you switch to total body toning with targeted exercises, ending with stretching, essential to complete a valid path.

How many times a week should one train to obtain good results?
To achieve an overall improvement  3 days a week should be good. However, a cosmetic surgery such as liposuction, offers a viable motivational office to embark on a path of physical activity aimed to the success and continuity.
The results are 100% with the determination, discipline, healthy and good daily diet and a targeted program led by a personal trainer.

Is it  true that swimming is the best sport after liposuction?
Swimming has an overall  advantage of acting on the entire body musculature, it does not include excessive efforts on bones and joints and it has a draining effect that provides considerable benefits.

It is advised to choose a physical activity that you enjoy most and just practice continuously at least three times a week and the results will appear.