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The history of breast implants truly starts much longer ago than people imagine. The first recorded challenges to synthetically increase the size of breasts by inserting material under the skin were carried out earlier to the 1900s.

The procedure involved injecting paraffin directly into the breast to increase its volume. Infections and the formation of lumps were common side effects of this basic technique. Pitiable results and serious side effects were also seen with the several other external tools doctors used through the first part of the 1900s. These included “natural” materials like glass, ivory, and wool as well as synthetics.

Fat transfer was actually one of the less harmful techniques used in the early days of breast augmentation surgery. But the technique was ineffective.

Today, surgeons are using newer methods and technology for the long-term solution for breast augmentation.

Silicone enters the Scene in the mid 1950s; silicone was used for breast augmentation injections. Tens of thousands of patients ended up with deformed breasts. Many had to undergo mastectomy as a result of serious difficulties. A few patients died. This terrible role of silicone early in the history of breast implants proved to be a sign of things to come for this useful but controversial medical material.

Modern Breast Implants Emerge Today’s breast implants consist of a flexible shell and a liquid or gel filling material.

Both silicone and salted breast implants were first developed in this recognizably modern form in the 1960s
Newest AdvancesThroughout the history of breast implants, producers have focused on:

1. Creating implants that look and feel more natural
2. Reducing the rates of rupture
3. Extending the permanence of the implant
4. Limiting the risk of capsular contracture
5. Keeping implants from rotating out of orientation

One of the more exciting recent progresses in achieving the five goals listed above is the development of solid gel breast implants.

These are form-stable silicone implants that feel soft to the touch and retain their shape even if broken or cut.

So don’t be influenced by the media and their brutal information concerning breast implants.